October 8, 2018 – January 1, 2019

This fall, we’re celebrating a quarter century of serving up fresh, California-Mexican cuisine. Drawing from both the Spanish word for silver—since it’s our Silver Anniversary—and unaged Plata tequila, the Plataversary celebration will run from October 8th until the end of the year.

Plataversary Menu

To mark the occasion, we’re adding five new dishes to the food menu, along with two drinks. Each recipe was created for the anniversary by our Food and Beverage Director and Gobblerito Creator Matt Glick, and draws heavily on Southern California influences and our trademark Pennsylvania-Mexico mashup. Look for the silver fox in the food and drink menus to find these items:

  • The house-made Plataversary Empanadas are crispy pockets of roasted corn, Monterey Jack cheese, roasted chiles and herbs and spices, and are served with a special Grilled Tomato Black Bean Salsa.
  • California rolls are the inspiration for the Plataversary Quesadilla, with jumbo lump crabmeat, avocado and spicy citrus aioli. Cucumber salsa on the side completes the Los Angeles sushi profile.
  • The Plataversary Burrito is Chef Glick’s interpretation of the classic San Diego beach burrito. It’s arguably our biggest big burrito ever, with fresh grilled chicken breast and flank steak, roasted corn, fries and cheese, all doused in house-made spicy sauce. Pretty much ran out of room inside the tortilla, so the cool ingredients are heaped on top, Nachos Grande-style: pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and iceberg lettuce.
  • Succulent pork belly with a chile-citrus glaze, mango salsa and avocado gives the Plataversary Tacos a rich, tangy, sweet flavor.
  • In addition to the new dishes, we’ve brought back one from Mex history books. Calamari is back! Buttermilk-marinated, cornmeal crusted squid rings fried up crispy and served with our classic Mad Mex® Calamari Dipping Sauce.
  • We partnered with Sauza Tequila to create The Plataversary margarita. Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila is shaken with Grand Marnier liqueur and fresh squeezed lime and orange juices.
  • Last but most hoppy, we’re rechristening our anniversary ale as Plataversary IPA. First released as Dos Decadas for our 20th, this annual treat is brewed exclusively for us by Fat Head’s in Ohio. They crammed a truckload of freshly harvested Simcoe into the kettle to create a dank, citrusy flavor with earthy undertones. Wet hop beers are at their juicy best when they’ve just rolled in from the brewery, so fill a glass or growler at Mad Mex and Kaya starting October 11.

A Brief History of Mad Mex

In the early 90s, Tom Baron had a good view of the Pittsburgh dining scene as co-owner of a local restaurant delivery company. Having moved from New York City five years earlier, he saw an opportunity to bring innovative and cool dining spaces to Pittsburgh. Tom invited long-time friend Juno Yoon to town from NYC, who loved the concept enough to join the venture as cofounder. The two borrowed start up money and maxed out their credit cards, enlisted talented architect friend Riva Sloan from New York, and transformed a small, nondescript storefront in South Oakland into a local landmark.

Much of what seems easily accessible now was a challenge for the opening team. To get aged wood for the interior, they bought an old barn and took it apart. To have a selection of craft beer, they convinced the likes of Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewery to bring their beer to town.

From the opening night on October 29, 1993, Mad Mex Oakland was set as moodily lit, decidedly loud and visually striking, the place for good beer, big margaritas and hand crafted Cal-Mex cuisine. As founder Tom Baron reflected, “Mad Mex was meant to be a party, a fun atmosphere where you could have dinner and a bar scene at the same time.”

Over the next two and a half decades, we’ve scaled up that original concept to a wide variety of larger spaces in a dozen locations across Pennsylvania. While the roughest edges were smoothed out over the years, the original ideas remain the same. Huge, flavorful dishes made with an emphasis on simple, healthy ingredients; a passion for great craft beer and margaritas made with real fruit juices and better tequila; and a funky room filled with colorful folk art and a rocking soundtrack.

Thank you for being the most important part of the party!